Walsh Trainers, hand made Athletic Shoes, Made In Bolton, England by Norman Walsh, since 1961. Norman Walsh started his career at JW Foster in 1945 at age 14. Mr Foster was the grandfather of Joe and Jeff Foster, who founded Reebok. Norman Walsh's talent was quicky recognised and he became responsible for looking after professional atheletic customers. At 16 years old, he was selected to make running shoes for the 1948 British Olympic team then in 1961 he established Norman Walsh Footwear and went on to develop an incredible diversity of sports footwear for rugby, football, track and field, wrestling, boxing and fell-running.

Walsh Trainers today are still hand made in Bolton, England as Britain's only wholly owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear. Walsh uniquely specialise in off-road footwear, designing and constructing running-shoes adapted to the particularly demanding conditions experienced by fell runners in the North of England. The technology developed and tested in this harsh environment has resulted in the industry's highest production values with all manufacture still undertaken by a highly skilled staff in their Bolton production facility.


WAXX is a brand born in Southern France in 2007 influenced by journeys around the world, from the Indonesian beaches to the frenzy of Buenos Aires, from Shanghai crazy nights to the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and beyond.

Inspired by all those trips, WAXX France brought back thousands of memories, amazing experiences and the ambition to transpose all of this into one brand to offer a new way to dress, feel and experience underwear and apparel. 

Our young team of fashion designers are constantly innovating and improving the quality, prints and shapes. Always ahead of time WAXX underwear and clothing features a fresh fashion, filled with good vibes, setting trends and influencing the fashion market worldwide. 

Dirty Velvet is a design collective, focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream.

Our aim is to create garments with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery that reflects our view of humanity, modern life and the universe.

Dirtyvelvet produce long-lasting ethical clothing, made with minimal impact on the enviroment. Our fabric dyeing is also fully organic. The process used and the des themselves have organic certification by both GOTS and the Organic Cotent Standard (OCS).

ÔBABA is ultra-thin cotton beach blanket. It has reinforced button holes at each corner and four lightweight fibre pegs that allow you to firmly attach it to the ground. The result is several square meters of personal space on the beach without sand, which does not fly away with the wind. 

ÔBABA is light, soft, ultra compact (rolled up, it occupies very little space) and dries quickly. Not only that, but ÔBABA is also easy to use, super-resistant and machine washable, being made from the highest quality cotton and made in France. The cotton itself is durable and very fine (but thick enough so that not a single grain of sand will pass through).

ÔBABA worked together with the Parisian designer THOMAS DE LUSSAC, with the street art artist DARCO and several prestigious brands, such as ES COLLECTION, USHUAIA IBIZA, JUAN y ANDREA, and SAINT JAMES.

All ÔBABA products are OEKO-TEX certified.

Quiet Rebellion´s purpose is to make you look smart and feel colourful. 

All socks made from an optimal combed cotton composition: 80% luxury combed cotton (for softness), 18% nylon (for strength) and 2% elastane (for stretch).